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Grown in the Missouri Ozarks, USA!

Fresh Garlic

It’s here! Our delicious 2021 garlic is ready for shipping! 

Our Specialties

Whether you’re looking for a smooth and mild variety, or a hot and spicy gourmet, we have an excellent selection for you to choose from.

Korean Mountain

(Asiatic Hardneck)

Moderate spice, great flavor, and beautiful purple-striped bulbs.

Picture of Persian Star Garlic from Calico Blossom Farm

Persian Star Garlic

(Purple Stripe Hardneck)

A popular hardneck variety with a mildly spicy – but not overly hot – kick.

Spanish Roja Garlic

(Rocambole Hardneck)

A staple in gourmet cooking – rich, classic garlic flavor. Hot but not bitter.

Silver White Garlic

(Silverskin Softneck)

Mild and aromatic softneck that stores well and is excellent for braiding.

Chesnok Red Garlic

(Purple Stripe Hardneck)

Great baking garlic that is mild and sweet with a wonderful creamy texture.

Elephant Garlic


Not a true garlic but is a leek with a great mild taste – even when eaten raw.

Metechi Garlic

(Purple Stripe Hardneck)

Strong, robust flavor that stores better than many other hardnecks.

Inchelium Red

(Artichoke Softneck)

Great choice for those who prefer a milder, less hot garlic.

German Red Garlic

(Rocambole Hardneck)

An heirloom variety grown for over 100 years. Spicy and very hot.

About Us

We are a small farm based near Springfield, Missouri.